How to avoid spamming?

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If you are an e-mail marketer, you are under the constant pressure to avoid spam.

Keep in mind that you never buy E-Mail Lists and never send e-mail to people who unsubscribed.

Generally, e-mail service providers like mail chimp helps in crafting e-mail/creative templates. It provides an exchange server at backend which makes sure that the e-mail goes to a person who is supposed to receive it.  While doing this e-mail service provider check for spam or phishing or malware and also provide analytics.

Phishing is very dangerous, here what people do is that they craft e-mail and send it to people and wherein those e-mail looks to be coming from a genuine source asking for your personal data (PII-Personal Identifiable Information).

Ways to identify and catch spam:

  • E-Mail Content – win million awards, lottery, free, sign up for free
  • Subject Line – win, free, prize, Ponzi scheme, transfer money
  • Make sure that you’re not on any email blacklist
  • Sender History – sender’s email id has been marked as spam previously
  • Avoid large attachments (2MB to 3MB e-mail size would be perfect)
  • Bad quality of images/video/link quality
  • Frequency of sending emails every day or every hour

Top tools:

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