Top 6 SEO Tools that a Digital Marketing Professional should know

admin Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Site Audit Tools
  • Traffic/Rank Tool
  • Page Authority Tool
  • Coding Accuracy Tool
  • Page Insights Tool
  • Mobile Friendliness Tool is a free tool for your website audit. It figures out what are the places that is needed to be improved from an SEO perspective. will tell you a lot of things like global rank and country rank. Whether the rank is going up or going down. It tells us from which country the traffic is coming from. It tells about the bounce rate, daily pageviews per visitor, daily time on site. It shows top keywords that is driving traffic to your website. It shows how much part of traffic is coming from google search. It tells about the upstream sites means which are the sites people visited before visiting your website. It gives information about the backlinks as well as the websites which are similar to your category. will provide information about domain authority, page authority, spam score (a score of 4 and above is not good) of your website. It shows inbound links. tells about the coding errors of your website. will analyse the page speed. will check and provide report of mobile usability. You can get the industry comparison and top fixes needed for your website.

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