Why Web Presence is important?

Web presence

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Before we get into web presence, I want all of you to understand what is Digital Marketing?

It simply means connecting brand or product to the consumers through various online mediums like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. 

The first thing a brand needs to do is to create a web presence. Now what is Web Presence? 

A location on the web where a person, business or entity is represented. Essentially what is it that you have on the web that speaks about the product or service that you’re offering.  

Generally, businesses start small, you can start with a website, blog, app or a social media page where the brand interacts with its users and customers. The key is to find the lowest-cost way to make a sale and then parlay your profits into the next step. 

Elements of Web Presence:

1. Website

2. Mobile Website

3. Mobile Application

4. Blog

5. Social Media Presence


For a company like amazon, flipkart etc. they are able to maintain three different kind of assets i.e. website, mobile website and mobile application and they have three different teams working on them. Now not every company is not as rich as amazon or flipkart and when you are starting up you may want to start up small.

Rather than having two website one for desktop and another for mobile, you can have one single responsive and adaptive website. This website adapts or changes as per the screen size. The advantage of this website is that the user experience is maintained.  

Mobile Application:

1. Native Mobile App

  • Coded in specific programming language
  • Fast performance and high quality reliability
  • Use phone features like camera, GPS
  • Installed through the google play or app store

2. Mobile Web App

  • A website that looks and feels like a native app but can’t use phone features like camera, GPS etc.

3. Hybrid App

  • It is part native and part web app
  • Allows cross platform development (single development is adopted for both android & IOS)
  • Resides in the play store or app store
  • Uses many native app features

So when you start a business these are the decisions you have to make.

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